World Health Organization recently announced that Lithuania is country #8 in suicide rate list. One of the reasons is stigma attached to people with mental health conditions. While there is no national prevention policy or mental support scheme people keep dealing with their feelings alone. Study suggests that people who experienced suicide among family or friends are 65% more likely to commit suicide so situation is turning in to epidemic.

Talking about mental health is a first step towards feeling better. We had to inspire people to talk, listen and even reach out for professional help. The biggest publisher in Lithuania “Alma Littera” together with NGO Artimiems (helping families who experienced suicide) decided to give a first self help book in Lithuanian for people dealing with suicidal thoughts or loss. Book had to become a first step towards professional help and end culture of silence.

This is how The Book of Broken Silence was born. It’s made of 18 stories from 18 people who dealt with suicide in their family or among friends. Every chapter was named after a person who is telling their story. To make reading an immersive experience we used special fold, so every story had to be read by breaking silence literally.

As grief is very personal we decided to skip book naming and have a cover with a simple line – space for you to call it your way. The book had to grab attention in shelves as it had no budget for promotion.